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"Born from humble beginnings in 2020, we, a passionate husband-and-wife team, embarked on a journey to share the captivating world of psychology through our educational YouTube channel. Today, with the love and support of 33k+ hearts, we are delighted to have touched the depths of souls and forged meaningful connections. What started as a YouTube channel has now grown into a hub of comprehensive services that go beyond videos. Join us in exploring the wonders of psychology and enhancing your understanding of the human mind. Click the button below to visit our YouTube channel and start your journey with us."

Hello, I am Nitin Sharma.

A dedicated learner, passionate educator, and aspiring psychologist currently pursuing my Masters in Psychology.

My journey began in April 2020 when I started teaching psychology on my YouTube Channel, Psych Shots, combining my love for teaching and interest in psychology. Gradually, our channel gained traction, and the invaluable feedback from our students revealed the effectiveness of my teaching style and the helpfulness of our videos.

In 2021, I was fortunate to be approached by the renowned educational platform, Unacademy, which offered me a wonderful opportunity to teach psychology for Class 11th and 12th on their platform. Having gained valuable experience in the ed tech industry, I decided to establish Psych Shots.

Now, let me introduce you to the backbone of Psych Shots – my better half, Ms. Neha Chandolia. With a graduation in Applied Psychology Honors in 2022 and currently pursuing her Masters in Psychology, Neha plays a vital role behind the scenes.

While she prefers to stay away from the camera, Neha is the unsung hero who edits our videos, diligently responds to your comments, creates eye-catching thumbnails, and compiles the comprehensive notes loved by all – for Class 11th, 12th, and BA levels. She also manages all our internships and workshops, handles our Instagram page, brings forth fresh ideas, and has been my constant motivation throughout this rewarding journey.

In essence, Psych Shots owes its existence and success to Neha's unwavering dedication, making it possible for me to teach and serve all of you. Without her, the creation and management of Psych Shots would not have been achievable.

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